Television & Film

Having access to high-end recording equipment and the ability to distribute content outside the traditional “Hollywood” model and major-production-house gatekeepers allows creators to produce and distribute work like never before. 
RL Films has plenty of experience crafting, filming, and editing TV shows and short films for independent distribution. Let us assemble a cast and crew to make your vision a reality while also keeping you on budget

Commercial Productions

The modern consumer simply expects video to be the key piece of your marketing and branding strategy. It’s the medium that holds their attention and tells more about you than words alone ever could. Adding compelling images to your message and story is our bread and butter, and professional video will make you standout from your competitors. We can help you put your best foot forward with videos that move your brand from “know” to “like” to “trust.” 

Freelance Cinematography

Crafting an image that tells the story is about a lot more than a fancy camera. The cinematographer’s job is to present the emotional content of a scene in a visual language that impacts the viewer in an unforgettable way. RL Film’s owner, Tom More, has done that not only for RL’s productions, but also as a freelancer on other producer’s projects. His particular emphasis on meaningful and flattering lighting has earned his work critical acclaim and pleased many a director and actor.