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RL Film Productions is the husband and wife team of Tom More and Jennifer “Mrs. J” Jodziewicz. Their experience includes years of content creation and multi-media production giving them a powerful ability to find the strongest storyline–that golden thread of purpose and passion–that connects your story to those who need to hear it. Both analytical and intuitive, their synergistic right and left brain combinations create an end product that is as visually stunning as it is engaging and inspiring.

So, who is Jennifer? Jennifer is a creative chameleon whose interests have led her to a career in project research, ghost writing, screenwriting, online content creation, fundraising, and certification as a coach and speaker. Whether working with corporations, individuals or non-profits, she always finds the heartbeat that drives the message forward. Whatever the scale of the project or its reach, Jennifer maximizes results. Anyone who has worked with her or sat across from her in an interview will tell you that she is warm, insightful, sensitive, curious, and relational. She identifies and defines the story, and then leads the interviewee or the production in telling it. While much of her effort is unseen, her impact is by no means invisible. From thorough, detailed research to putting someone at ease in front of the camera, Jennifer clearly understands that the story must be told, without compromise.

And, who is Tom? Tom grew up in the Dallas area and his story includes a 14-year military career and five years as a defense contractor before recognizing that his passion for video production could become a career. But the truth is that Tom was looking at the world through a lens long before that. He found opportunities to hone his camera skills while still in college and continuing in the Service – over two decades worth of experience – which made for a natural transition back into civilian life as a producer and cinematographer. All in, he brings leadership, vision, detailed organization, and ace communication skills to any sized crew, any content, and any pressure level. Although he is very technical and analytical in his expertise, he is also great with people. His extensive travels and training allow him to easily connect across cultures, ages, and experiences. His ability to craft effective messages in cinematic storytelling has served numerous clients from the business world to narrative films and docu-reality TV shows. His breadth of experience is wide-ranging, including everything from major league sports to training videos, to TV commercials.

Together, Tom and Jennifer are RL Films. Their skills don’t just mesh perfectly on paper, their many projects prove theirs is a formula that works…and they enjoy the work together! They bring out the best in each other, and do the same with everyone they serve. Through an established process and rhythm they bring cohesiveness to their clients’ visions.

On a more personal level, they also collaborate on their own inspired projects, most notably a television series exploring the stories behind Texas historical landmarks called “On This Site: The Historical Markers of Texas” (http://OnThisSite.TV).

At home, they collaborate on parenting their teen daughter, an aspiring K-Pop star, whose energy and humor reflects her creative and encouraging environment. They also love the outdoors, being near and in water, and taking in the beauty of all God’s creations.

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It is in the story behind the images that causes people to hope, dream, move, and take action. Story is where common ground is found, bridges are built, and the humanity deep within us all is found, connecting us all.