Saved money with DIY video!…or did you?

It’s obvious technology now allows virtually everyone to be their own video producer…but should you? At the heart of the matter is the value of your time and the impression your company makes. By and large businesses outsource technical functions that are not part of their core competencies because a specialist can do it better, faster, and without frustration. Granter, you then also have someone else to blame if it doesn’t go right but let’s keep to happy thoughts here and focus on things going right. This article lays out three points to consider even if you’re convinced you can save big bucks using your iPhone:-)


Slate & Main – Why DIY Video Isn’t Your Best Option
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Michael Foucault

You and your company may have tossed around the idea of making a video and thought why not make one on our own? Next came the simple web search: “How to create a marketing video” that gave you a ton of results with lots of tips that may or, more than likely, may not be helpful to you. I cringe every time I see someone legitimately suggest using a smart phone to create a video for their business. With so many variables and bad advice across the web, maybe it’s time to rethink the DIY approach to your business image.

Here is a short list of 3 things to think about when considering DIY video.

There are lots of elements to creating and executing a good video. Do you know them and have the ability to manage them all?

Video production is no small task; when you set out to make a video to showcase your business, it’s so much more than just pointing a camera at yourself and putting it on YouTube that afternoon.

There is a lot that is involved, such as planning your video and deciding its use. Setting ways to track your goals. Pre-production, scripting, shooting, lighting, editing, graphics, and animation. The ability to identify which of the aforementioned are necessary and being able to execute on them are both necessary to create a video, and they all require expertise to do well. A video professional will have that expertise, and can help make sure that everyone gets to see you in your field of expertise and see it well.

It takes a long time to create a video project in general, and longer still when you’re working on running your normal day-to-day business.

So now that we know video production is no small thing, it’s easy to see that it will take time to complete all of the tasks. Good video is not something that can be quickly thrown together in time for the next marketing meeting. You probably have an inbox full of things that need attention, and your work that has to be done will obviously take your time away from creating an amazing video. It’s very likely that your timeline for creating that video you’re planning will end up being much longer than anticipated. If you need good video done correctly, hiring a video professional will more than likely be a good option for you.

Poor quality can cost money in lost sales. So how much are you really saving?

Quality is key in video. With quality comes consumer engagement, increased visibility, increases user time on sites, and, most important, can increase sales.

When considering DIY for your business and its image, can you truly create engaging, quality content that will do all that? Can you create quality video with your smartphone or handycam that consumers will want to watch? Put yourself in the seat of your viewers; would you sit and watch a poor quality movie, with bad lighting, unintelligible audio, and a shaky camera? How long would you watch that video? And how would it form your opinion of the company that put it out? Sure, you can save money on video production if you do it yourself–you can probably save a lot of money, actually–but can you afford to put something on your website that will paint your company’s image in a bad light, possibly turning prospects away from engaging with your brand? How much would it cost in lost sales? If your video is subpar, it will do more harm than good, driving viewers away in search for content worth watching, and that will ultimately cost you more than the money you saved on making that video yourself.

When your business reputation is at stake, don’t take chances at getting it wrong. Make sure you have the best first impression from the start. DIY video marketing sure sounds like a great idea, but if you lack the skill sets and the time to do it right, it will harm your company image more than help it, and that will cost more than anything you would have saved. You stand to gain more when you trust and invest in a company that is there to make your business look good. It takes the guess work, the worry of doing it right, and the workload out of it.

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