You want a quick quote? We need your vision.

By far one of the most received questions from prospective clients is “how much will a video cost.” Generally that’s preceded by “I need a video about ______ that’s around ____ minutes long” and that’s all we get. I do price comparison shopping all the time so I know that’s what this client is conducting, too, and they should. The problem is every video requested is a custom job and the options for what elements to include and how to shoot it are vast. Generally giving a final running length doesn’t help because price is determined by what effort goes into creating those minutes. A thirty second video can cost into the tens of thousands because it requires market research, scripting, multiple locations, a large cast, and custom motion graphics. A five minute video can only cost under two thousand dollars because it only involves one, sit-down interview and some b-roll at the same location. But it’s also not realistic to expect a client to ask all the questions a producer would and present the information necessary to get a roundly accurate cost estimate in an initial contact. Passing your vision for the video in words is HARD!

But there is a good solution, ironically harnessing the power of video itself to communicate that information! Find a video (or videos) out on the web that roughly approximate what you hope to accomplish for yourself and send the link. It’s said that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Forrester Research, and no one is writing (or reading) an email that long. You can also assemble parts from several videos or take things out such as “it should look like this but we don’t need the dancing bears, explosions or the cameo by Morgan Freeman.” Well, that price tag just got lower. Producers and directors are visual by nature and can easily deconstruct a video into component parts and price those (or cheaper equivalents!) easily. Plus, you might get some additional great ideas yourself in the search. At RL Films we look forward to receiving your video links and sending back that fast, accurate quote without having to answer your question with more questions:-)