Downtown – Unofficial Music Video

Back in 2013 I took part in the filming of a music video for the Austin, Texas based Leland Williams Band. International videography heavy-weight Alister Chapman was the actual producer/director/editor but I figured I would get the exercise involved in creating an edit with just the footage I had shot and here it is. With being in the business now for several years, the only way you can really learn it, is to DO it. Here’s what I came up with back then:

Downtown – Unofficial Music Video

I was positioned around the drum riser for the first few run-through’s of the song which explains why I don’t have much of Leland singing until almost 1:45 into the song (but I know the drummer loved all the attention:-). My camera was also not the greatest low-light performer so the usable bar scenes were in a bit short supply but otherwise I think this cut holds together pretty well. The pacing is in cinch with the song and the dynamic camera movement during the bridge and breakdown came out very well.

Although I made my own cut from just the footage I shot from my camera alone, I also wanted you to see the final version that was a compilation of all videographers on site. The official video is now complete so here’s the link if you’d like to take a look:

And don’t forget to stop by Leland’s site to find out more about him, the band, and the music:


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