Motorized Gimbals vs. Steadicams: Why and When?

Along with an out-of-focus background or “bokeh” the other most recognizable cinematic technique in a scene is a smooth camera move. Traditionally this was the realm of the jib (crane) and dolly but these came with limited flexibility, range, the need to lay tracks, and additional personnel not to mention set up time and cost. ... Read More

You want a quick quote? We need your vision.

By far one of the most received questions from prospective clients is “how much will a video cost.” Generally that’s preceded by “I need a video about ______ that’s around ____ minutes long” and that’s all we get. I do price comparison shopping all the time so I know that’s what this client is conducting, ... Read More

The actor’s demo reel and how to make it great!

For most professions a well crafted resume is the crucial elemnt in getting your foot in the door and scoring an interview. For the aspring actor that resume is actually their demo reel. This one to two minute piece must present them in just the right light to the harried and short-on-time casting director or ... Read More

Stop losing money…use video.

While statistics might make your eyes roll back in your head like they do mine they’re a necessary part of understanding your marketing efforts…and they help make accurate predictions about the effect on the bottom line. Michael Foucault in his post below addresses the most important reasons why video helps engage and keep potential clients ... Read More

Saved money with DIY video!…or did you?

It’s obvious technology now allows virtually everyone to be their own video producer…but should you? At the heart of the matter is the value of your time and the impression your company makes. By and large businesses outsource technical functions that are not part of their core competencies because a specialist can do it better, ... Read More

Producing videos is more than serious work – It can be downright funny!

In running a video production company, I do a lot of research on other productions that have made their way out onto the world wide web. Among the very professional and serious videos, I came across this. Watch it and you won’t wonder why it has over 4 million views. Want to produce a video like ... Read More

Downtown – Unofficial Music Video

Back in 2013 I took part in the filming of a music video for the Austin, Texas based Leland Williams Band. International videography heavy-weight Alister Chapman was the actual producer/director/editor but I figured I would get the exercise involved in creating an edit with just the footage I had shot and here it is. With being in the ... Read More